How does Juice CR8 work?
Juice CR8 is a premium subscription e-liquid service. You can pick between 3, 6 or 12 month subscription packages. You choose your preferred flavor profile (fruit or dessert) and your preferred nicotine level (0, 3 or 6) - and then monthly you will receive a minimum of 200mls of e-liquid delivered to you!

Can I combine nicotine levels within my package?
Not at this time. Because we do not allow for picking specific flavors within your subscription package, it would be REALLY difficult to allow you to choose multiple nic levels. You can, however, update your preferences each month changing between different nicotine levels if you feel the need to adjust.

What size bottles will be in my subscription package?
We do not ship smaller than 60mls, but each package contains a minimum of 200mls of e-liquid.

Is steeping required?
Absolutely not required. All of the e-liquids included in your Juice CR8 package are ready to vape. However, steeping will possibly alter the flavor (some prefer, some do not) - it's all subjective to the person vaping. If you find an e-liquid that you are not enjoying as much as you thought you might, it won't hurt to set it aside and revisit it at a later date!

Can I return my package?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on vaping liquids due to security, health, and safety concerns. If you have a problem with the liquids you have received, please contact us directly.

I love this flavor I received in my monthly box… how do I order more?
You can always check on www.independentvaporcompany.com to see if we carry it there, if we do not, Google is your friend :)

How do I change my flavor profile?
After you've subscribed to a flavor and you want to change it, simply login in to your account on https://juicecr8.com/account/login and then click on "Manage Subscription", to change the flavor.